Happy Heart Thankfulness

Last year we wrote what we were thinking for down in my daily planner, over supper. I’d asked the family what they had to be thankful for that day, and then we’d share and I’d write those all down.

This year I decided it was time each of my kids and husband had their own thankful journal. And so we try to keep these as up to date as possible, which for us ends up being several times a week (usually).

So today over supper as I wrote mine down before sharing I realized just how much I have to be thankful today.

Despite the fact I am home recovering, I feel great most of the time. I get to go on walks daily and going on with my husband and our 2 youngest boys was a nice Valentine’s day treat 🙂 He even took me out to eat, which was fun since it was our first “date” since my operation. Even though I did stand up the whole time.

So here is my thankful list today:

  • for the snow ( I love when winter is truly wintery)
  • a lunch date with my husband and our 2 little boys.
  • we found a cheap used phone for our daughter
  • I got a lovely red dress 50% at Goodwill. Yay!
  • God kept my 5-year-old safe on our walk home. He is a dasher, and sometimes just runs /dashes ahead of me which happened today when we were waiting at a zebra crossing. It scared me half to death! And I realized how often death has crossed our paths and it was the hand of God keeping it at bay!
  • time to read, sketch and update the website while on sick leave.
  • YOU

What are you thankful for today?


This is my job

It’s Monday again and so rolls the world in the ho-hum hundrum of everyday life.

I wonder at times if I am accomplishing anything.

Being a Mom of 4 kids ages  8,6,4 and 5 months means a lot of repeating myself. I have even started making a list of what I accomplished on some days next to my to do lists so that I can see I did alot- even if not what I had planned or hoped.

The kids were delivered to their lessons nearly on time. The baby was well cared for. Meals were prepared. Homework was finished. I ran his aunt to the store as we do once a week. . .

Yet somehow I get this lingering feeling that I could have, should have done more.

I didn’t have time to work on my online business, there was no time for marketing my products, there was no time for painting. I long to be selling more, but how does one build an online business? Others seem to do so effortlessly- for me it is sort of hit and miss.

And yet when the day winds down and the kids start drifting off to sleep and I am left with perhaps a couple of hours of quiet I am reminded that this is my job. Mothering is what I need to do now, here, today.

There were will be time perhaps someday for building a business more thoroughly, and chasing those dreams.

But for now I will delight in the sweet scent of my baby- and his cooing and babbling. I adore babyhood and it is such a fleeting time. How I wish there was some way to always have a baby in the house 🙂 But since there isn’t I will capture these moments in my heart, and on paper and photos.

And I will read Laura Ingalls books when my eyes are weary. And pray and talk for so long my arms go numb on the edge of the top bunk while my 8 year old shares his heart and thoughts about ozones, and life, and friends.

Because this is my job. . . . and I love it!