A Woman in Amber: Book Review

For Christmas my husband had ordered me the book, A Woman in Amber by Agate NeSaule. Of course it didn’t make it by Christmas, despite having been ordered early. ( I knew he ordered it since he happened too use my ebay account). But it was worth the wait…

My husband got me this book because I had started writing about my Grandma’s childhood in Latvia in the 193os and he thought I needed some inspirataion.

First of all this is a biography. It is well written. It is raw. It is real. It is heartbreaking.

Reading this book I so wished that he had given it to me a year ago. I could have asked my Grandma much more specfic questions about her years in the camps in Germany.But Grandma is gone, 3 months too late I recieved this book.

I know my Grandma’s version of the wartime, of leaving Latvia, of the camps in Germany. But Agate’s exeriences is far worse/more horrible than anything my Grandma ever mentioned or perhaps she never told us how bad things really were.

My Mom reminded me that Grandma was  never able to watch movies with war scenes or fleeing the enemy and ones country, like Sound of Music. These scenes were always too real and painful for her.

Agate Nesaule writes well;  clearly telling her story and the way it impacted her life . And the way war changes and effects anyone who lives to tell about them.

So desite the utter horror this book aroused in me during many of its scenes I am thankful more than ever that my Grandma escaped, lived and thrived so that we too could be born!



Jane Eyre

So I just finished reading Jane Eyre. I had seen the movie ages ago and expected I would not like the book because all I recall from it is that it was rather depressing.

However, I was very pleased and surprised how much I enjoyed and loved this book.

I loved Jane’s character- I mean who she was as a person. Her strength of determination, her faith in God and her desire to be spotless in who she was as a woman was superb. I was really impressed that despite her tremendous love for Mr. Rochester when she realized he was married to a lunatic she fled. She longed to be with him- but she chose what was right as better than what her heart longed for.

I was surprised by all the mentions of God and an active faith him that were present in this book.

I highly recommend it. It is a bit strange and odd in regards to the lunatic wife in a scene or two. But the rest and especially the latter 1/3 of the book are wonderful.

I also was thinking of young women our days and comparing Jane’s strength of character to so many nowadays. It is incomprehensible to me when a lady will give up her entire character and who she is as a woman for the sake of a man. I personally find this hard to understand- I always felt if I were to disregard my morals and beliefs it would be as if I was no longer me- Elizabeth.

Anyhow- Jane Eyre is a book worth reading if you are into classic literature as I am. What are your favorite classic books?