Her story, my story, our story


Several years ago I got the idea that my Grandma’s amazing history and childhood needed to be recorded, preserved, remembered.

I started asking her questions and writing, and asking more questions. I learned a lot about how she lived in Latvia as a child and how she left Latvia as a young lady of 14 during war times.

But along the way I got stuck in my writing. I didn’t just want to write facts, I didn’t want to just write empty history that you read without feeling.

I wanted to bring the years of my Grandma’s childhood to life; so that we can relive 1930-1944 in Latvia. So that the smells, the sounds, the feeling of life in those days would come alive to all of us again.

I started going to museums, and asking questions that nobody readily knew the answers to, and I realized I was in for a job much bigger than I had thought. I realized that to grasp the pace of life in those days I would have to do intensive research, talking with historians, and lots of people who lived during those days so that I could step back in time and write this book as I so desired.

I began writing less and ground to a halt with this daunting task. . . knowing that someday I would receive the push to start again. Knowing that most likely when my Grandma left this world to continue her eternity in heaven I would restart this tale, her story, the story that makes our family who it is because all of us have found our lives, ourselves, our roots in her.

Last night my Grandma left this world and crossed into eternity. I wish I could ask her what it is like to leave this earth and body and enter the beyond. Is it fast, or slow? Do you see your loved ones who have gone before you while you see those you are leaving? What is heaven like? Do you have any regrets as you leave this life to enter the world beyond? And most of all I wish I could have heard her laugh and voice and spunkiness one last time.

Goodbye dear Grandma- your life has changed this world. I feel as if a candle was blown out. Your light was bright. You impacted so many around you. You were bold, fearless, funny, silly, classy, creative, godly, spunky, emotional and so much more- all rolled into one amazing woman! And while this candle of your life is gone- the glow that surrounded you remains- as the warmth and scent of a candle when enxtinguished.

Dievs ar tev lidz atkal tiksimies! 

Chapter 1 of her story. 





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