Cultivating Thankfulness

At the beginning of 2015 I felt a need to work on a thankful spirit in my family.

Kids are so prone to entitlement in our times- and they fuss and complain and have a lack of thankfulness that is rather shocking at times.

I looked into my own heart and realized how much it hurts me when I ship an international gift- and never even hear a word that the receiver got the package I sent. I realized that not receiving thanks is painful to the giver and harmful to the one receiving.

I make a plan to endeavor to cultivate thankfulness in my life and in my home this year- because there is no other better way to teach our children then by example.

These are the ideas I had at the beginning of the year and that I am trying to practice.

  • Write thank you notes – I have been trying to write hand-written ones- like we used to do growing up because that is so rare in our times-and hand-written notes are so special. If the gift was something given to my child who can’t yet write then I have them draw pictures on the card as an expression of thanks (if they will cooperate)
  • Be sure to thank those who assist me/us: clerks, doctors,strangers,etc. 
  • Share those items we no longer need– rather than selling them- and when the kids have too much. 
  • Make gifts– don’t buy so much- use the talents I/we have and be thankful we have them. 
  • Act Respectfully– Our kids will not respect their teachers if they hear us belittle them to our spouses. 
  • Acts of Kindness– Say thanks to someone who always serves you and never gets appreciated (postal carriers, those who work in the places we always go and know their faces but not their names) by gifting them something baked or a gift card. 
How are you cultivating thankfulness in your family? I’d love to get more ideas! 

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