The Paisley Yellow Tell’s Its Tale

I have decided this evening as my 4 year old and I ironed my silk scarves and talked of our favorites that each of these creations is as unique as a personality. And each was born of a mood, a story, a feeling. And as the emotions come from my brush, they most be told. And so here goes: 

I am the soft yellow of a daffodil petal. The rich yellow of black eyed susans and with touches of orange. I am as sleek and glossy at the richest of silks. I am light enough to brighten your winter wardrobe and remind you that spring WILL come. I am elegant for work and evenings out. I am fun with my paisley print for a fun day out. I am that little accessory that makes you smile because I am bright and blesses your life because I am so versatile. This is my story., your luxurious paisley scarf. I was painted with love and joy (being the favorite color of my creator)


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