For my Daddy on Father’s Day

Dad, I want to thank you for caring and making your love for us known. Every year I have FELT your love as you tell the story of my birth and your great joy. Thank you for verbally affirming me , those words will go with me forever
Thank you for taking us fishing with you. I remember going bass fishing in the middle of the night with you and how there were tons of centipedes crawling everywhere on the boat ramp in the water. Thanks for teaching us to appreciate God’s creation by spending time in it. 
Thank you for the hours of reading and many books you read us growing up. Those stories shaped my dreams and inspired me to be who I am today. You helped me learn to love reading by reading to us. 
Thank you for setting an example to us in word and deed. You have been the person in private that you portrayed in the pulpit. Thank you for setting a good example to us. 
Thanks for never being too proud to do humble jobs, whether it be washing dishes, or changing diapers. You’ve always been willing to help where it was needed. Thanks for showing me to be that way. 
Thanks for caring for the elderly. I loved going to the nursing homes with you all those Sundays and singing with you and playing the piano. Thanks for teaching me to be kind and friendly to those older than us- even if that is just giving a warm hello and a friendly hand-shake. You taught me that being old is nothing to be feared by the hours we spent serving in the nursing homes. 
Thanks for encouraging me in my dreams, and believing in me. 
Thanks for the blessings you gave us every night growing up. Those prayers of blessing cling to me now and remind me that You and God are with me! 
Dad- there are so many memories that I could recall of fun times growing up. But I wanted you to know that I value you and the hard work and sacrifice you invested in us kids growing up. 
You have been a great Dad, the BEST. 
I love you!

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