Caring or your Silk Scarves

It is spring and summer is close at it’s heals. Perhaps you have old silk scarves or want a new one. Either way you want to keep them clean and at their best. Here are some tips on keeping your silk scarf perfect.

  • Hand wash: You can use a gentle soap, and swirl and spot scrub as needed. Pour off and ad new water until you feel your scarf is as clean as you want it. 
  • Do not wring: If it is hand painted I suggest you simply take it out of the water, let it drip and then either hang it up outside to dry or roll it up in a towel. Silk dries fast so if it is outside it will take 10-15 minutes depending on how hot it is.
  • Cool iron: Silk should be ironed on the silk setting, on the reverse side. It irons best if it is slightly damp- so you can mist it with a water bottle or if you rolled it in a towel take it out when it is nearly dry and press. 
  • Hang: Keeping scarves wrinkle free is easiest if you keep them on a hanger or silk hanger. 

For more silk washing instructions here are some links:


Silk Vault


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