This World Groans

Yesterday evening we had just finished our supper and were discussing our evening plans. I needed to go to the store and my husband wanted to do some welding in the basement. So I took the 3 kids and got them all bundled up, and got in the car.

I had backed out and was closing the gate when all of a sudden I was flooded with a wave of fear that seemed to shake through me like an earthquake. I remember thinking, “What if there is an earthquake and I am stuck away from my husband and home with 3 kids ages 5 and under? Maybe I should just stay home.” But I let God remind me that I cannot live in fear and headed out. It was apx. 18:00.

Just now I went online and was shocked by the news that in Riga, not more than 30 miles away, the roof of a store- (the same chain I went to here with my kids- ) had collapsed, at 18:00 yesterday evening. At least 30 are dead, and the search is still on through the debris of a fallen roof.

I sit here in grateful tears- that God chose to protect our little family and bring us safely together again. And yet my heart aches in the pain of those lost and families broken in this tired, groaning and broken world.

Jesus, we need you more, now than ever! 

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