A Woman of Salt

Today I was studying about Lot’s wife in my quiet time.

If you don’t know that story click here

We know little about Lot other than a few things:

  • She and her family lived in a very wicked city. 
  • She and her family were loved by God and given a chance to escape destruction. 
  • She and her family were given specific instructions to flee, flee fast, to the mountains and not to hesitate or look back. 
  • God was merciful to one righteous family out of an entire city of wicked people. 
  • But she chose to disobey instructions and look back, and lost her life by becoming a pillar of salt. 

It is easy to wonder how and why? What made her hesitate? I love the way Liz Curtis Higgs makes these stories come alive in her book “Bad Girls of the Bible.

But ultimately we don’t know what made her hesitate, we only are left with a warning.

Often in our lives we are given instructions and give instructions to our kids. How do we teach them to be and become ourselves people who hurry to obey and don’t hesitate or look back?

Looking back may not turn me into a pillar of salt, but it does at times cause me to be a pillar of regret or remorse of thinking what could have been.

Disobedience to instructions is never to be toyed with and lets be sure to train our children to obey by setting them an example of obedience ourselves.


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