When I was a little girl

every Sunday was spent in church and Sunday school. Being the daughter of a pastor makes that a given.

We learned many Sunday school  songs and those still stay with me and from time to time I wish I could teach them to my kids.  But the just stare and watch how I sing and do the motions. My little girl sometimes tries to join in. But other times they just tell me to be quiet. They aren’t used to going to Sunday school- even though our church does have it. We don’t send them since it is during the service.

Sometimes there are days when my brain is a muddle. When I can’t seem to understand which direction to turn and how to move past the uncertainties in my mind.

Today I had a hankering to listen to some Sunday school songs. So I turned on Grooveshark and found some music. When the song came on “Whisper A Prayer. . ” I was calmed.

I realized that God can use a little song to remind me of the fact that He is in charge of all this confusion in my brain. He is good and He is God.

Thank God for parents who took me to Sunday school and for the foundations that were laid in my heart to guide me today.


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