Mom vs. Kid and Chocolate


These are the chocolates sometimes made in our house. 
 Mom eats them like this: 
  • takes it. 
  • eats it
  • thinks, “I shouldn’t have eaten that, I don’t want to get fat.”
  • feels- guilty
Child eats it like this: 
  • gets permission to eat ONE after having finished food. 
  • bites top off, revealing filling. 
  • thinks, “Wow, what is the white stuff inside?”
  • asks Mom, “Hey, what’s in this?!”
  • Mom answers. 
  • says, “HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. That is so yummy.”
  • thinks, “Can I have another one?!”
  • feels- happy
 How do you enjoy your sweets,? 
I think I had a sweet reminder today 🙂

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