Burnt Out- and other thoughts.

There has been an incredible lull in my writing here, I know. 
But if I were totally honest I would have to say it is because ever since I got “burnt” in my business I have been reexamining my desires, my talents and me. 
I have done a little painting. 
I have done ALOT of canning of produce from our garden. Thank God for a bountiful garden. 
I have enjoyed sand and water with my family- the kids love the seashore. 
I have enjoyed catching up with friends who are back in town. 
I have enjoyed watching my baby learn to stand and delight in his accomplishments.
I have done lots of thinking on homeschool and the education of my kids. 
I have been reminded of who I am, the talents I have and the things my God wants from me. 
I have pondered, thought and dreamt.
I have heard tales of my long ago Latvian relatives and seen photos of my great-grandfather that are over a hundred years old. 
I have lived and cried and been me. 
I have realized I am a recluse and I don’t know how much I will be writing here until my mood changes. I would rather live my life in secret and delight in the little things of everyday life in private. 

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