Valentine’s Party Ideas

This week will be one with lots of parties in our home. Some good friends will be visiting from Sweden and our gathering promises 14 kids 6 and under, and 10 adults. Wow!

Friday we will be having our 2nd annual Valentine’s party for the girl’s from our youth group. Last year we had a marvelous time and I loved going all out for them!

Last week I finally succumbed to Pinterest because I was in need of a way to gather up ideas for this party. I have been enjoying it a bit and am so looking forward to this years Valentine’s Party.

Last year I made these sugar cookie pops. Everyone LOVED them, as did I 🙂 I am not normally a fan of sugar cookies- they are just too plain for my taste. But decorated with white chocolate these became my top favorite sugar cookies. Not to mention how cute they look on a stick!

So while I continue gathering my ideas together, making lists and beginning my baking. Tell me, what are you doing special for Valentine’s Day?


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