What a Husband Wants

Today I listed to a broadcast on Focus on the Family and it had some great ideas how to make our men happy.  I know we know most of these things, but they were good reminders. Take a listen here

  1. He wants to be followed. 
  2. He wants someone to help him: Help him be what he was made to be. 
  3. He wants to be desired.
  4. He wants someone to love him: To love him as he is, without wanting to change him. 
  5. He needs someone to encourage him: Write notes, or encourage him through deeds. 
  6. He needs to someone to believe in him. 
  7. He needs someone to admire him: Like we used to do when our eyes sparkled, and we fawned over him. 

What do you say, do you agree?


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