When I Was Twelve

Right now I have two of my nieces visiting. They are sweet, fun, beautiful girls. One is 12 and the other 14. 
As I spend time with them, and chat with them and just observe them many things come to my mind. For one things they seem so very young, yet capable of many things. Easily entertained, yet easily bored too. Helpful, yet easily burnt out by too many tasks.
I think back to when I was 12 and remember how grown up I felt. Even when I look at pictures of myself at 12 and see how young I was- I still remember feeling grown up. Funny. 
When I was 12. . . 
  • I loved horses, and was scared of them too- having never been around them much.
  • Was sure I would have a BIG family- like 12+ children. (Silly me, I had no idea what labor was like). 
  • Liked boys (secretly-blush)
  • Enjoyed reading. 
  • Loved crafts- sewing little things, etc. 
  • Was involved in Bible quizzing and memorizing long scripture passages. 
How long ago this seems- nearly 20 years have passed. 
What were you into when you were 12? 

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