Our Easter

We had a quiet Easter. 
My husband had 5 days off- NICE. 
Friday we baked a ton of crackers- I will share that recipe sometime. This was the unleavened bread for the Bible Study. I also made banana cream pie and coconut cream pie to share at our family gathering. We had lunch with a bunch of relatives. In the evening the kids and I attended the Bible study my husband led for the youth.
Saturday we colored eggs naturally- the popular way to do it here.We used curry powder to make yellow ones. You need to let the boiled eggs soak in the solution for several hours. We used beet juice with vinegar for the red ones and natural tea leaves (not sure which ones my husband used) for the green ones. Sorry- but I don’t have a picture of the finished eggs. After we boiled them we drew designs on them with a candle- worked wonderfully since the eggs were hot.
I baked Latvian ham/bacon rolls-piragi. I will have to include that recipe on another day. But they were delicious and we ate far too many. With my “leftover” dough I made a delicious sweet bread braid- with lots of yummy toppings and fillings. 
Sunday the kids searched for their eggs so they could eat them for breakfast. They enjoyed egg wars with Teti (Daddy in Latvian). And then were so into peeling their eggs- my kids LOVE hard boiled eggs. 
Then the kids went with Teti to church. It is too hard for me to sit for those hours- so I stayed home. 
The afternoon was spent walking a bit and spending time with a friend visiting Latvia for the holidays. 
How did you spend your Easter?

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