Vacuum Cleaner Phobia

A while back D (my three year old son) was very into helping vacuum.UNTIL he accidentally sucked his sock into the vacuum. he went into hysterics. He ran away and hid and screamed and was very, very difficult to calm.

Since then we found the sock- it only got stuck in the tube. I told him the vacuum didn’t eat his sock- he told me it choked on it. I laughed, very true- the vacuum choked.

BUT since that fateful day we now have a major dilemma. Every time I want to vacuum he cries and gets stressed out. He won’t let A (2 year old sister) near it (to protect her). He is literally terrified of the vacuum. I want to help him, and be understanding. But this gets a old REALLY fast. I am not sure how to handle this. I have to vacuum sometimes  (only one room in our house has carpet). And it is rare to never when he is out and I am home and could vacuum while he is gone.

What would you do? HELP!Have you ever faced this?


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