Quotes on Pregnancy

Altogether pregnancy and birth is a richly intuitive and instinctive process, a woman will prepare her “nest” and birth according to the style of her culture, in the same way that a particular species of bird will build its nest with whatever is available.

As I continue to read through “Birthing From Within” by Pam England many things jump out at me. I wanted to include some of my favorite quotes.
If you envision giving birth in only one way and one place, your chance of being thrown off balance by the unexpected increases dramatically. The more ways you envision yourself giving birth, the more power you bring to your own birth. 
When you think about it women give birth every day in unbelievable places and circumstances. Even as you read this, babies are being born . . . 
in hot tubs, and warm ocean pools. . . 
in rice paddies, mountain villages, and igloos. . . 
in beds, birth huts, and birthing chairs. 

Mothers the world over give birth 
counting stars and under bright lights. . . 
in fields, dugouts, and by fireplaces. . . 
in planes and trains. . . 
in one room shacks and operating rooms. 

Mothers and nature always find a way. 
Pg. 82 (Birthing From Within)

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