Trade Complete

Well it was a sort of hard day in my life today. But I was excited that I got a slip from the post office that a package was awaiting me. I figured that would be the hat I had traded for. . .

It was a busy and slightly stressful day trying to get a cake going for my son’s 3rd birthday tomorrow, and knowing that in the evening we had a birthday party to attend and our party to prepare for on the morrow.

On the way to the birthday party we stopped by the post office so I could pick up my package. I was shocked when she told me I was going to have to pay 24 dollars for a custom fee. This is a new law in Latvia that anything with a value of more than $10.00 has a customs fee. I tried to understand what percentage of the value is the actual charge- but she told me she couldn’t tell me. What was I to do? Not pay the fee? Have the hat sent back? I can’t stand the thought of being one of those loud mouthed complainers (which does not suit my personality at all since I am a quiet girl). I didn’t know what to do, our finances are so tight right now. . . .

But I paid the $24.00 with my debit card. . . hoping and praying that God will help us through the next month. I was feel very emotional by this time. Why does this country have to have so many fees and make things so difficult for people. I felt like one of the precious pleasures in life, getting a package has now been ripped from me. I cannot afford to pay this kind of customs fees! Does this now mean that I have to tell people not to send me packages anymore?! The clerk said to have people not write the value of the item on the slip, or to check it as a gift, of both, or not insure it for so much. I am not quite sure what the solution is or ought to be. But I must say I was thoroughly shocked, disappointed and devastated.

I didn’t even want to open my package. I was so blue, and my husband asked me what the matter was. I shamefully told him about the customs fee I had paid. He said, “Why did you pay it?!” What else could I do? I don’t know. I cried on the drive to the party. Despising and complaining of this country that makes things so difficult and expensive for its inhabitants. . .

I finally opened the hat. It is well made, nice, different. I am surprised how moldable it is.

Here is a link to the hat I got. Thanks for a good trading experience and for being so understanding!!

For all of those sending to Latvia, try not to write the value of the item on the customs sheet-otherwise we have horrible fees to pay. Thanks. . and sorry for the complaining spirit- I just had to spill my heart


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